In the beginning,
two pirate shipmates became mateys by marriage through the Cutlers.
Now they face a world uncertain where only cooking, cutting, baking (and other things) are there only way for survival on the island!

Off to the decks (or kitchen floors) we go!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

around the table

So awhile ago, I emailed Captain Sammy this link to this table and said 
"How would you feel about us doing this to our table?"

He abruptly replied back to my email with
"Actually I think we should change it from EAT to FAT because we don't want to get fat"

The Captain is quite a funny man,
EAT or FAT would be great additions on a dining room table eh?

1 comment:

Cody and Camille said...

Oh Captain, you are so funny. They must have put "eat" on the table just in case the person sitting down to dinner forgot what they're supposed to do!;)