In the beginning,
two pirate shipmates became mateys by marriage through the Cutlers.
Now they face a world uncertain where only cooking, cutting, baking (and other things) are there only way for survival on the island!

Off to the decks (or kitchen floors) we go!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ode to sewing

Oh to dream.  I used to sew.  My mom put my sister and I in sewing lessons for a few years and we made bunches of things... and actually wore them!  I have dreams of sewing again one day and who knows... maybe it will be out of a closet.  Check this baby out here

What a smart little cookie she is!

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Kimber and Casey said...

beyond cute!! i love that teal! guess who just got a sewing machine for us for the summer?!?! umm, yes, kimber. amanda my SIL got super fancy one for christmas and was going to give her old (slightly crappy) one to DI but gave it to me instead! it has its kinks but can sew some simple stuff! we should totally do something with it this summer!