In the beginning,
two pirate shipmates became mateys by marriage through the Cutlers.
Now they face a world uncertain where only cooking, cutting, baking (and other things) are there only way for survival on the island!

Off to the decks (or kitchen floors) we go!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what's on a pirate's booty

At the women's circle this year for my dad's family reunion, instead of having a recipie exchange (what we usually do) we had a helpful hint exchange- so I think I'll share some of them with my fellow pirates every so often when I feel like it :)

Did you know your G's a bleached white!? Yessiree they are! That's why if you use bleach, your garmies may be turning yellowish! But Shiver me Kimber- how do I get the yucky pit stains out of my my  husband's garmies and other stains?" Use Hydrogen Peroxide! (like a quarter cup or so? I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet) Yes who knew? That'll get the stains out keeping your garmies a bright white!

Another tip- don't wash white socks with that load- they're dirty and yucky so just wash them with your colored load or something- let's be honest, it doesn't really matter if they're super duper bright white- they're on your feet! Or bleach them with a load of pure/real whites! (i.e.- towels, shirts, pants etc)

Yay for domestified PIRATES!!!

what are some of your laundry tips?

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Cody and Camille said...

Oooo, great tips! I'll have to try it. We've always just soaked them for 20 minutes in oxiclean before we start the load. I can't say it's worked miracles but they look pretty darn good.

Also, I am not a fan of my clothes shrinking. So... after they're washed, I give them a little stretch and lay them flat to dry on a rack or hang them up. (Works wonders for my jeans since I have super long legs and can't afford to lose any length.)