In the beginning,
two pirate shipmates became mateys by marriage through the Cutlers.
Now they face a world uncertain where only cooking, cutting, baking (and other things) are there only way for survival on the island!

Off to the decks (or kitchen floors) we go!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

random inspiration

dear kimcam:
we need to get down and use some good ol' elbow grease in our lives

a before and after from here

my favorite quilting blog,
go to the bottom of the page to see pics of all her finished projects- so cute and original!

another mmmm!!!!
if you've watched julie and julia, they eat something like this in the beginning and i've ALWAYS wanted to make it!
click here for the recipe!

and last but not least for a pirateness in us!
sticks for a pirate patch and arrgh sign :)


Cody and Camille said...

OMG, you couldn't have posted this at a better time. We're planning on making bruschetta for our first time for a party this Monday. Rubbing the garlic on the toasted bread is a great idea! We love making pico de gio so I know we're gonna love this! Thanks kim of the kimcam!

p.s. You always find the greatest things on the www. Keep 'em comin!

Cody and Camille said...

p.p.s. Have you seen the new "stats" tab they have on blogger??? Kind of creepy to see the people checking your blog like 24/7! Gotta love the lovin' though!

Apparently I'm the only one that checks this blog!!! I guess it's because I have a link to it from my blog. Ha!